Can’t Go Home Again: Part 1 - Power Rangers

Have you ever tried to watch a new version of a show you loved as a kid only to find out the new one totally goes way left? 

I try in this entry to talk about my feelings about remaking shows (or making numerous versions of the same thing) and why I stopped being into Power Rangers after the original. WARNING: I do ramble in this. 


A Short Review Of “The Night Of” And Innocence

Over the course of a few days, I watched "The Night Of" - an eight part-crime drama. I talk a bit about it and the nature of Innocence. 


#5 - All About Them Thrones

I've been watching Game Of Thrones and I have some opinions. There may be a second part to this. 


#4 - Trevor Noah Betrayed Me And My Extremist Beliefs

I'm not gonna sit here and tell people that I stan for anyone - not anymore. Anytime you do that to anything you love, you lose objectivity and your devotion is often one-sided and unrecipticated. 


3# - Sesame Street Gave Me Tears

On November 24, 1983, Seasme Street decided to take a leap of faith and talk about the death of Mr. Hooper, a beloved character who ran a store on Seasme Street. The actor, Will Lee, had passed away the year before and it was originally going to be explained that he had retired. Another avenue would have been to change the actor. 

Ultimately, the creators and the cast decided to keep it real to it's audience and to Mr. Hooper's friend, Big Bird. 

I implore those with a really cynical and hard take on life to watch this moment. This short moment in history made me cry even if I never watched the show when he was on. 

I talk mostly about this episode and the passing of my own father. 

Have a happy labor day.



2# - Bullies and The Bullied

The title speaks for itself. 


1# - Trumped

My intro episode where I, like everyone else these days, talk about Donald Trump (WARNING: I do ramble on sometimes).